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Straight teeth in just 6 months with clear braces. Six Month Smiles (also known as 6 Month Smiles and 6 Months smile) at MacroCare Dental Health

Six Month Smiles in Woking Surrey:

Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth that you are considering orthodontic treatment for? Six Month Smiles is a popular treatment just for adults who want to align crooked teeth. It uses tooth coloured braces to gently guide teeth into a straight alignment in a very short period of time.

MacroCare is experienced cosmetic dentistry clinic providing Six Month Smiles adult orthodontic treatment to clients from Surrey and all across London and the United Kingdom. The dental practices in Woking, Surrey provide a full range of cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, general dentistry, and restorative dentistry procedures.

If you would like to more information about Six Month Smiles contact MacroCare dental surgery today.

Consultations for Six Months Smiles are at no cost and obligation free at MacroCare Dental Health clinic in Woking Surrey. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns with us.

What makes 6 Month Smiles different from conventional braces?

6 Month Smiles uses tooth coloured wire to gently straighten your teeth. Conventional braces are unsightly wires that look very prominent. In our patients, it takes an average time of 6 Month (4 to 9 months) to straighten teeth with 6 Month Smiles, while conventional braces are usually worn for 2 to 3 years. This is why 6 Month Smiles is one of the most popular treatments at Thurloe Street Dental.

How does 6 Month Smiles work so quickly?

During your consultation, we concentrate on identifying the teeth that show when you smile. By concentrating on these teeth only in the treatment time is shortened because 6 Month Smile doesn’t make significant changes to your bite system. This means that by moving only a few of your teeth and making some small adjustments, a significant result can be achieved. You visit the dental surgery every 2 to 4 weeks to have the braces adjusted to gently align your teeth to reveal a perfectly aligned smile.

Does 6 Month Smiles hurt?

Most of our patients tell us that the feeling of having braces fitted to the teeth is strange. This is something that you will find easier as time passes. We can also advise that the gums may feel inflamed or be sore for a few days after the appointment at which the braces are fitted. A painkiller such as Nurofen will ease these symptoms.

How to keep your teeth and braces clean

  • The best way is to avoid chewy, sticky and foods that may stain.
  • Using an electric sonic tooth brush also makes cleaning around the braces a lot easier.
  • Use a Xylitol and fluoride based tooth paste.
  • See the hygienist every two to three months.

We always recommend our patients at MacroCare Woking Surrey, who come to us from surrounding areas who are having Six Month Smiles treatment to sign up to Level 3 of our Smile for Life Patient Membership Plan. This membership plan offers great value top quality dental care designed to help you keep on top of your dental health and keep your new smile looking attractive for life. Find out more.

To book a consultation for Six Months Smiles free of charge, call MacroCare Dental Care in Woking, Surrey today.

After the treatment will your teeth remain straight?

Teeth can go back to their original positions after any type of orthodontic treatment. We will fit permanent retainers which can be made in tooth coloured brace to ensure your teeth stay in their newly aligned position. We will also make you clear removable aligners which are to be worn intermittently to keep teeth in position. We cannot stress enough how important retention is!

How much does 6 Month Smiles cost?

This treatment is highly affordable!

£104 per month* on a 0% interest monthly payment plan of 24 months.

*Deposit of £500 required at start of treatment


£2800 for patients who would like to pay upfront and claim a £200 discount on Six Month Smiles treatment price.

What is the procedure involved in Six Month Smiles orthodontic treatment:

At your first visit, which is the consultation at our state of the art dental practice High Street, Woking and Albert Drive, Sheerwater, Woking Surrey, we discuss your concerns and find out what bothers you about your smile. We check your teeth and give you options and benefits and risks of all orthodontic treatments which are suitable for you. These maybe Invisalign, clear aligners, Six Month Smiles or Inman Aligners. We will explain costs related to these options.

Should you decide to opt for Six Month Smiles which is a very popular option for our clients who not only come to us from surrounding areas of Surrey but from but all across London and the UK, we invite you for your first appointment during which we take impressions of your teeth and we photograph your teeth from various angles.

At your third appointment, we fit your braces! You then need to make appointments every four weeks to change your braces and for progress checks until you have a straight and attractive smile!

If you feel that your teeth also need to be whitened, Six Month Smiles can be combined together with our proven teeth whitening service:

A truly glamorous smile is possible as for a limited time only we are offering Teeth Whitening worth £450 free of charge to all our patients having their teeth straightened with Six Months Smiles program! The teeth are whitened after the braces come off.

Consultations for Six Month Smiles are at no obligation and no cost at MacroCare Dental Care, Woking, Surrey. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the cosmetic concerns about your teeth with us.

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